(1) Our self-developed Q-Trace ERP System and Instant Barcode Tracing

Since 1993 we have been utilizing ERP system, developed by our own in-house IT team, and is still being continually optimized for more functional applications. By a quick scanning of the barcodes on every product packages, all information from every link of the production process are integrated. Above all, by the barcode controlling, all processes are well sequenced, regulated, and recorded so that the complete manufacturing and material information can be traced backward, in just few seconds, for ultimate and absolute quality assurance.
(2) ERP System Features
  • Quality Oriented
  • 700 Independent Operation Modules Interlinked
  • Total Information Integration
  • Customer Driven to fit Unique Industrial Requirements

(3) Functionality Features of our ERP System
(4) Our Material Management
Global networking and information connectivity enables us to reallocate our capacity, resources, and material procurement worldwide, and gives us unprecedented resilience in customizing our offering to meet customers’ exact demands.

(5) Our Automated Warehousing
To minimize man-power while maximizing operation efficiency, we extend our self-developed ERP system to cover our automated warehousing; with all our picking, storing, and binning operation, inventory control, and stock taking, by fully computerized automation.