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Chungrong has provided the whole solutions of high quality precision springs and clips, services in the global top 100 industrial groups. We do businesses with some customers more than ten years, and often won the “Excellent Vendor Awards”, including Magna Global, YanFeng Johnson Controls, Johnson, Lear, Delphi, SONY, Philips, IBM, and HP and so on.
This is a validation of the spirit of service our customers and the ability to be their business partner.
Chungrong’s goal and strategy is to provide timely and high quality, reliable products with the most reasonable price, and the most thoughtful service.
Chungrong believed in strategic alliance building. Under challenge and uncertain factors of global economy, understand the customer’s needs and changes, we have the ability to fully mobilize resources at any time, across the continents to provide the most efficient and feasible solutions to our customers.
In addition we always to have good relationships with suppliers to meet the needs of special metals and wires.
∣ 汽车行业 / Automotive
∣ 办公设备 / Office Equipment
∣ 电子行业 / Electronic
∣ 医疗行业 / Medical